Ashok Leyland – RAMP ready to use DG sets are offered in full range from 5 KVA-2250 KVA. The aesthetically designed silent DG sets meet with latest CPCB emission norms and are offered from various manufacturing locations. RAMP offers total power solution including transportation of DG set, loading unloading, positioning & installation at site which includes Earthing work, cabling work, exhaust piping, fuel line, room treatment and required approval from various bodies

Some of the USP of RAMP Diesel generating sets are

  • 2 year warranty on entire package
  • Compact in size
  • Low operating costs
  • Rugged and suitable for continuous duty applications
  • Easy availability of spares and services
  • Nation-wide Service network
  • One point contact for Engine, Alternator, Panel & Installation
  • Low operating cost
  • Competitive fuel consumption

AMF control panel (Optional)

  • Consists of a microprocessor based AMF Control Unit, which can operate on Auto as well as Manual mode. It monitors the engine safety parameters and alarm/trip conditional will be displayed on the front panel.
  • Special alarm conditions include LLOP, HWT, overload, under/over speed, low fuel level. The controller comes with an inbuilt LVM and the parameters can be programmed to meet specific customer requirements.
  • The specific indication includes various conditions of operations such as load on mains, Load on DG, Mains Healthy, DG ON, Auto & Manual mode
  • The control panel consists of a multi function meter which displays AC Currents/Voltage, Frequency, Power Factor, and Kilowatt Hour. The generator set can be supplied with a standard control panel to operate in manual mode

GC 1201 Generator Controller

  • Reads all genset inputs and controls the genset
  • Controls the engine speed (Speed governing)
  • Supports Auto-Mains-Failure (AMF) functions for 1-Ph and 3-Ph genset
  • Supports Manual-Control-Panel(MCP) functions for 1-Ph and 3 Ph genset
  • Measures genset voltages & currents
  • Measures mains supply voltages & currents
  • Measures electrical parameters like Frequency, Power Factor, Genset Power
  • Monitors critical engine safety parameters
  • Starts and Stops the genset
  • Have counters for genset starts and stops, run hours, kWh, power factor

Ramp Gensets:

Salient Features

  • Compact, Modular construction and sleek design with low noise level 75db (a) Whisper.
  • Soundproof, weatherproof and environment friendly silent set.
  • Silent set designed with international technology to withstand extreme Indian weather conditions.
  • Ready-to-use silent set, eliminates need for foundation or grouting.
  • Protection and tripping safety devices provided against temperature rise.
  • Single bearing generator with inbuilt Anti vibration mounting ensures minimal vibrations, low noise level.
  • Customized Residential, Critical and Hospital grade Silencers.
  • Silencers having low exhaust noise & back pressure-increased Engine life.
  • Acoustic Enclosure is made of compact sleek design confirming to International Standards.
  • Type tested and certified noise level of 75-db (a) 1m

Constructional Feature:

  • Steel outer construction with heavy-duty fabricated base frame and inbuilt fuel tank.
  • World class machinery (BEHRENS CNC Turret Punch) for all operations like Punching, Shearing and Notching etc.
  • Provides very high accuracy & precise dimensions to components and excellent finishing.
  • All hardware (like nuts, bolts, hinges, washers etc.) of stainless steel.
  • Bolted design can easily be assembled / dismantled in small components.
  • All joints are sealed with reproof neoprene gaskets, which withstand high temperatures and pressures.
  • Unique lifting arrangement for easy and safe loading and unloading.
  • All high-temperature exposed surfaces are insulated by glass wool with aluminum Cladding.
  • Weatherproof, acid-proof, heat resistant, powder-coated after pretreatment for de-greasing, de-rusting, picking phosphating and passivation for Durability and better Aesthetics.