Whether in industrial plants or in buildings, every technical system depends on a reliable supply of electric power. Even a short power failure may have serious consequences. For this reason, you need products and systems which cope with every eventuality and always keep you on the safe side. Our portfolio is the broadest world-wide, covering everything from switchboards to socket outlets.

Electrical distribution and control has to withstand the toughest tests of reliability. And, one of best examples of this reliability is solutions and products offered by RAMP Technomation. Over decades, RAMP Technomation has understood the industry’s requirements for a stable electrical system and offered products and solutions that continue to seamlessly run and grow business. Design, technology, engineering, quality and service combine to form an architecture that meets specific needs of automation-driven electricity distribution and control solutions to industry verticals like oil & gas (upstream, midstream and downstream), power, infrastructure, water, ports, chemicals and metals.

These solutions are an embodiment of life protection and equipment safety, security and energy efficiency. RAMP Technomation has translated research and critical marketing inputs into the compact design of its switchboards while addressing energy saving, safety (its features go beyond the prescribed standards), user convenience and flexibility to reconfigure the design.

RAMP Technomation’s products for the industry segment comprise power gear, control gear, metering with communication devices and energy management system. Its industrial automation solutions cover almost all verticals of industry. With over decades of experience, RAMP Technomation delivers value through systems design, application engineering, application software, documentation, commissioning and life cycle services to ensure consistently high performance. Our biggest strength is the ability to integrate different technology platforms like electrical, DCS, PLC, Drives, SCADA, instrumentation and telecom.

Salient Features

  • All Products from One Source
  • Practical engineering support
  • Helpful data, tools and support at every stage of the engineering
  • Comprehensive know-how of all aspects regarding application with international standards
  • Design tested at CPRI for short circuit & temperaturerise as per IS standards
  • CNC Fabricated fully bolted standardized designs
  • Computer Aided Design(CAD)systems
  • Panel enclosure degree of protection IP – 54, IP – 5 & IP 68, CE Marking
  • Anti corrosion treatment
  • Automatic spray conveyrised Pre Treatment plant with 11 Tank Process
  • Painting in dust & vermin proof paint booths & ovens
  • Non hygroscopic SMC bus bar supports for best Mechanical& electrical strengths for fault current with stand
  • Bus bars and interlinks are insulated with heat shrinkable PVC sleeves
  • Provision for future expansion for both sides
  • All live parts are shrouded with polycarbonate Sheets

Expertise In Industrial Application

  • 11kV / 22kV / 33kV Medium Voltage Panel
  • Low Voltage Panel
  • Power Control Centre
  • Motor Control Centre
  • Generator Panel
  • Power Distribution Board
  • Relay Panels
  • Intelligent Power Control Centre
  • Intelligent Motor Control Centre
  • DG Synchronization Panel
  • Auto Changeover Panel
  • ATS System
  • UPS Panel
  • APFC Panel
  • Lighting Distribution Board
  • Bus ducts